Services We Offer

Custom Orthoses

Custom Orthotics are made different ways but physicians are more comfortable with the plaster cast of the patient’s limb. Its designed to be just for one person. With the physician’s prescription, lab technicians custom-mold the orthoses to provide the necessary support. The orthoses is then properly fitted by the physician to guarantee correct results. To ensure a proper fit - choose Pro-Orthotics.

Orthoses, also known as braces or splints, are devices used to support or correct musculoskeletal deformities and/or abnormalities of the body. They are designed to support, align, prevent, or correct the function of movable parts of the body by providing external control, correction, and support of the muscles and bones.

Contracture Management

A contracture is defined as an abnormal condition of a joint caused by atrophy and shortening of muscle fibers that result in distortion or deformity of a limb, often affecting the skin integrity due to immobility. The comfortable and light design of our orthotics encourages maximum compliance. All our products are easy to apply and they use materials specifically designed to wick away moisture from the skin and fights bacteria, which reduces the risk of skin infections.

Diabetic Shoes

A common side effect of diabetes is peripheral neuropathy, which causes loss of sensation in the extremities. An improperly fitted diabetic shoe causes rubbing or pinching the feet, and can lead to ulcerations and foot injuries simply because the patient doesn’t feel the injury until it is too late. The knowledge and experience of our staff will prevent this from occurring by ensuring a properly fitted diabetic shoe.


When appropriately prescribed, orthotics can relieve painful problems or injuries, increase functional mobility, greatly increase the ability to perform Activities of Daily Living, and improve the patient’s overall quality of life.

Pro-Orthotics offers customized services and products.